Interview with Matthijs Diederiks from Future Food

Can you give our audience a little bit of background information about who you are and what your project is that you are currently working on?

Sure! My name is Matthijs Diederiks. Born and raised in Amsterdam. I’m a proud father of my son Titan (9yr) Next to that I make films and work with photography. The arts have schooled me. To be more precise I got a BFA in film from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie back in 2009. From there on I started working in both the arts and film world. Mainly freelancing and maintaining an international network of fellow artists and creative professionals.

Early 2016 I felt my life was a drag. I needed something to pull me out the constant loop I was stuck in or at least thought I got stuck in. At that time I was making a commercial for a Dutch complete food brand. This was my introduction to a whole new way of feeding myself.

Where did the idea come from to start you Future Food journey?

The idea for grew on me the moment I got introduced to complete food. I wanted to see if this way of nutrition could give me access to a better version of myself. That’s really how it all started. I researched if other people were living on complete food. As in 100%. I only found articles where people tried it for three months max. So I thought; all right let’s do this for a whole year, film everything make a documentary about my journey and then become world famous, buy a house in Suriname and get an Akita. (Japanese dog which my son is crazy about)

As soon as I started with the 100% complete food diet, I quickly got to learn about biohacking. Then Nootropics, the self-quantified movement, vertical farms, DNA Sequencing, Microdosing LSD, Algea as a new food staple. I mean the list just went on and on. It felt as if I got transported to an entirely new planet!

I realized I stumbled upon something way bigger than I initially anticipated. There was a whole new landscape which I wanted to report about to people, and I knew that one documentary would not be enough. So I started a YouTube channel. It’s a bit strange. Currently, I’m in the middle of making the film about my year on complete food while at the same time I’m uploading YouTube videos.

Did you change your diet entirely from the beginning of day one?

Yes. From day one I just started drinking shakes.

What is the best and what is the worst thing that happened to you because of this project?

The best thing is that I’ve entirely rediscovered myself. Nutrition is such an essential tool in self-bettering. You really are what you eat.

I’m not so sure what to mention in regards to the worst thing. I guess the worst thing sometimes is that I feel as if I’m living in the future and the “real” world has not adapted yet. But then again that might just be my most significant advancement.

If you know what you know right now, would you do it over again? Why (not)?

YES! I’d force myself to start five years earlier! I feel like I’ve been slacking on pushing my own, personal creative voice. I was often relying on others and looking for collaborations. All of these were memorable, and I learned a lot. Definitely, thank full. But at the same time, I’ve was walking around insecure, not confident enough about my potential.

How do you see the future after you did this project?

I’d say I’m looking with an entirely new set of eyes. There is a lot of skepticism in regards to technology, food, and health. People are often scared of things not being “natural.” I used to be in that camp as well. But due to the project, I can say that a lot of my previous ideas were based on fear of the unknown.

In today’s information overload, it’s quite easy to overlook details which can twist a debate in an entirely other direction.

So #DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

– Where can people follow your journey?

Instagram: @futurefooddocumentary